“It’s No Fish Ye’re Buying–it’s Men’s Lives” – Sir Walter Scott
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0472 784 530

Steve is Principal Investigator to project SeSAFE. Steve began his career as a commercial fisher in the 1980s working in the Northern Prawn Fishery, N.W. Shelf Scampi Fishery, Orange Roughy Fishery, and prawn fisheries in Saudi Arabia and Burma.

During this period, he suffered several mishaps at sea including being dragged overboard by a trawl net and falling between two boats after a long day at the local!  Those days are long gone although a legacy of working under the sun is an ongoing battle against skin cancer.

Steve was a fishing technologist at the Australian Maritime College for many years, including manager of the flume tank, and was closely involved in the early development of TEDs and BRDs in prawn fisheries in Australia, the Middle East, and S.E. Asia.

Steve has just returned from an 11-year stint as a Research Scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine, USA, working closely with fishers and other researchers to develop ‘win-win’ fishing gears for fishers and the environment.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Fishing Technology, a Master of Philosophy degree in Fisheries, and a PhD in Natural Resources and Earth Sciences.