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Frequently Asked Questions

SeSAFE training comprises multiple brief training modules (videos) designed to raise awareness and deliver essential safety training to commercial fishers and aquaculture workers.

SeSAFE training is designed to complement other safety training such as onboard inductions and drills.

There are several reasons, including i) it is not possible to have too much safety training, ii) it is a simple and cost-effective way to deliver safety training and improve safety performance, iii) it might one day help save your life, and that of others onboard, and iv) it demonstrates your commitment to meeting duty of care requirements under workplace health and safety law.

Note also that every state and territory now have industrial manslaughter laws. This means a fatality onboard could result in the boat owner or skipper facing a significant fine, jail time, or both if found guilty of not meeting duty of care requirements.

No. It only takes you a few minutes with SeSAFE to identify which modules are required and provide crew email addresses. Thereafter SeSAFE does the rest.

SeSAFE enrols each individual in the training and sends them an email with a link to the requested modules.

No. SeSAFE training is voluntary, although it has received high praise by those who have completed the training and agreement that crew should complete this training.

Yes. Each module includes several brief questions designed to assess safety knowledge and comprehension. Each question requires a yes/no or true/false answer, or is multiple choice.

Answers to question are logged by the software to confirm their completion.

SeSAFE is automatically notified when crew have completed all questions in each module, and then informs the boat owner or skipper.

Nothing. SeSAFE currently covers all costs, although in the future we may introduce a user-pays approach for crew to pay for their training. This will contribute to cost-recovery and help ensure the longevity of SeSAFE training.

Yes. All you have to do is tell SeSAFE which modules you require your crew to complete and provide their email address. It only takes a few minutes for SeSAFE to enrol the deckhand and get them started.

Yes. They can be emailed a link to access and complete the modules before traveling to Australia.

Yes. If you have internet at sea, they can log on to access the modules as per usual.

If you know internet access will be lost at sea, or signal strength weak, crew can download the modules on to a tablet or mobile phone beforehand. The software will record their answers to questions, and when internet is next available, will automatically notify SeSAFE that modules have been completed.

No. You decide which modules you want your crew to complete, although as all safety training is important, it is recommended they complete all modules.

Each module typically takes 5 – 8 minutes to complete.

SeSAFE recommends that modules are completed by crew once per year, to provide refresher training.

Each module typically takes 5 – 8 minutes to complete.

SeSAFE recommends that modules are completed by crew once per year, to provide refresher training.

Module content was sourced from multiple documents (many produced by industry) and the knowledge and experience of the SeSAFE Principal Investigator, commercial fishers, AMSA, and other subject matter experts.

No. SeSAFE training is designed for all crew, including those working onboard small, owner-operated vessels.

Yes. SeSAFE training consists of a number of generic modules suitable for crew working in any fishery or aquaculture facility that requires the use of boats. Fishery specific modules have been developed for prawn fisheries as well as the Western Rock Lobster fishery.

Yes. SeSAFE can produce additional modules, although modules specific to a fishery or fishing method may attract a fee.

You can contact the SeSAFE Principal Investigator for more details at seayrs@seasafe.com.au or on 047 278 4530.

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