“It’s No Fish Ye’re Buying–it’s Men’s Lives” – Sir Walter Scott
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0472 784 530

Importantly, SeSAFE training offers a solution to many of the traditional barriers to safety training for fishers and aquaculture workers, including;

  • Perceptions that the cost of training is unaffordable (Cost)
  • Inconvenient timing of training that does not meet the operational needs of industry, particularly when a new or replacement fisher or worker is required at short notice (Timing)
  • Inconvenient or inaccessible training location, particularly to individuals at sea (Location)
  • Less than optimal classroom setting for delivering WHS training (Setting)
  • Inability to provide training in remote locations, either on land or at sea, where internet access may not be available (Access)
  • Inability of existing safety training courses to address general workplace safety such as manual lifting, electrical safety, fall protection, and personal protective equipment, and means of delivering training material that may not effectively target all high-risk demographics, such as young, internet savvy individuals with a high sense of adventure and risk appetite (Relevance)
  • Lack of recognition of industry culture, particularly with respect to attitudes by fishers and aquaculture workers towards safety, peer pressure, and onboard culture of risk-taking (Culture)